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A painter of movement



Adrian Buba was born on June 8, 1953 in Caransebes (Romania). Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest in 1976, he then worked as the curator of the National Art Museum for four years. He quickly became one of the most prominent artists of the new generation in Romania. In 1981, he settled down in Paris where he currently works and lives. In 1984, he became a French national.


Since 1980, Adrian frequently displayed his paintings in art galleries, museums and international contemporary art festivals around the world (China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Morocco, Monaco, etc). His artwork can be found in State Art collections (Romania, France, China) as well as in private collections all over the world.

René HUYGHE - who was a curator at the Louvre's department of paintings, a professor at the Collège de France and from 1960 a member of the Académie française - said about Adrian Buba : « ... I was amazed by the quality of his art. To me, these paintings could be a turning point in modern art. [This painter] has reconciled some figurative forms with the freedom of abstract art... »*


 * «... j’ai été frappé par la qualité des œuvres qu’il a montrées et qui me semblent marquer une étape importante de l’art moderne. Il a concilié, en effet, une certaine apparence figurative avec les libres bénéfices de l’art abstrait… »


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